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3 Benefits of a Styled Photography Experience

Putting together a styled wedding shoot with other wedding professionals can be time consuming, but a heck of a lot of fun! Not only do you get to work with the peers you admire and respect in the industry, but you get to create something unique and beautiful together. When putting together this styled shoot we knew exactly which wedding professionals we wanted to work with. 

Let me start by telling you what a styled shoot is first. A styled shoot is a photo shoot organized in a controlled environment in which the creatives involved have full control over how rooms look and feel, how their models are dressed, what their hair and makeup looks like, and what the props are, if any. Basically, you get a group of awesome wedding professionals together and see what we can create for our fans.

There are many reasons to put together styled photo shoots: practice, building a portfolio, networking, and advertising just to name a few. We feel there is a ton of benefit from putting together a styled shoot, and if we had the time we would love to do one once a month if we could. So on to the three benefits we love about styled shoots.

Isleta Resort and Casino | Albuquerque Wedding Photography

Bouquet by: Something Special with Flowers   Dress Provided by: Bridal Elegance by Darlene   Hair & Makeup: Bliss Salon & Spa


The ability for each wedding professional to get their own creative juices flowing is so important in an industry that is built on that very thing. Creativity to me is something that flows more freely the more you use it. This is a great opportunity to try something completely new in a no pressure scenario where you have control over time. Sometimes you have no idea what you can create, you just need a little push to get you there. You want to try something new and potentially hard, but there is no way you would or should try it on a paying client. During a real wedding you need to be in the moment to make sure you capture every detail for your clients, allowing them to relive their wedding day through their photographs. The time to try something new is during a styled shoot. Having this time to practice new techniques and tricks is something all professionals should do.


Suits Provided by: Suits Unlimited     Dresses Provided by: Bridal Elegance by Darlene 


It’s not every day that you get to pick which wedding professionals you get to work with on a wedding, that is completely out of your hands during a real wedding. By having a styled shoot you get to pull in the wedding professionals that you enjoy working with, or may want to work with. Working with people that you haven’t had the opportunity to work with is tons of fun and extremely helpful in building new relationships. I think this is one of the best reasons to have a styled shoot in the first place. This gives new wedding professionals the opportunity to get to know other vendors and help them try new ideas. The Albuquerque wedding industry is full of extremely helpful creatives just willing to help each other grow. Sharing and growing our businesses together is something that I think is very important, whether starting out or if you are a seasoned wedding professional. Creating a friendly community that helps each other when we need it most just seems like the perfect fit!

Isleta Resort and Casino | Albuquerque Wedding Photography
Isleta Resort and Casino | Albuquerque Wedding Photography
Something Special with Flowers

Bouquet by: Something Special with Flowers      Dress Provided by: Bridal Elegance by Darlene

Building a Portfolio:

Building a portfolio is something that I found extremely hard when first starting out.  How do you break into the wedding décor scene when you haven’t done a wedding yet? Or how do you start shooting weddings when you haven’t photographed a single one? Working with other wedding professionals during a styled shoot is a great place to start. You have this chance to get images of that perfect bouquet in an actual wedding scene. Every single wedding professional needs to have photographs for their website. If you aren’t a photographer how would you get them unless you did a styled shoot? Helping other wedding professionals to get these very important images is something that I work hard on. During a styled shoot you can now put extra focus on getting the perfect bouquet photograph, or getting that closeup image of the hair and makeup. Making sure you get the photograph of the flatware on the table for the decorator. This is the opportunity to get all the special shots that most vendors hope they get one day.  


Decor provided by: Occasion Services & Events 

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