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The Canyon Club Wedding | Bryannah + Gabriel

Bryannah and Gabriel had an amazing wedding at the Canyon Club at the Four Hills Golf Course. The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, and there was no wind. We couldn't have asked for better weather and we're excited to share their photos with you! From the perfect little amounts of blue and purple throughout to the lovely sunset shots at the end of the evening. So many details and beautiful moments from this wedding, so lets get started.

Bridal Prep

We began our day with our beautiful bride, Bryannah, and her lovely bridesmaids while they got ready. There is always a lot to do during bridal prep: hair and makeup, getting on the wedding gown, making sure all the small details of your bridal party have come together, but most importantly enjoying your time with your ladies. Typically, we photograph any special details you might have, like the invitation, special gifts, your bouquet, and the wedding rings. We loved their rings! Just look at how perfectly they compliment each other.

Wedding Rings | Blue Rose | Wedding Details
Bridal Prep
Wedding Ring Cushion
Bridal Prep | Bridesmaids | Squad Goals

Groom Prep

Gabe and his groomsmen were ready ahead of time, they had a wonderful time hanging out upstairs near the reception hall while they patienctly waited for the ladies to finish their last minute touches.

Bryannah & Gabriel-3064.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3051.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3073.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3078.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3058.jpg

Ceremony Details

Just before the guests arrived to the ceremony location, we made sure to grab photographs of all the great details Bryannah and Gabe had worked on. Every couple of rows down the aisle, a wood plaque was placed, each one had a different scripture or saying. My favorite was "Let all that you do be done in love." 1 Corinthians 16:14. Along with the wood plaques were these beautiful flower arrangements for the ceremony alter, and their sand ceremony glasses were really unique too! 

wedding ceremony decor
wedding ceremony decor
Bryannah & Gabriel-3113.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3109.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3108.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3102.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3099.jpg

Wedding Ceremony

There are always so many aspects to a wedding ceremony, from walking down the aisle to that first kiss as husband and wife. Every wedding is unique and has its own style. Bryannah and Gabe had a beautiful outdoor wedding ceremony, plenty of sunshine, blue skies, and it was the perfect temperature. Everything went off without delay. My favorite part of any ceremony is capturing the look on the grooms face when he sees his bride walking down the aisle. Gabe definitely had his breathe taken away when he saw Bryannah walking towards him. 

Bryannah & Gabriel-1039.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1041.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1043.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1048.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1049.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1049.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1057.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3152.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-2023.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1064.jpg
outdoor wedding ceremony
Bryannah & Gabriel-3191.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3206.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-4111.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1081.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-3224.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-2037.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1112.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1114.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1133.jpg
outdoor wedding ceremony


Bryannah and Gabe are very family oriented, so it was perfect to have their family members join them for pictures right after the ceremony. Lucky for us we had a beautiful setting on the golf course at Four Hills. Our favorite group pictures, though, are always the bridal party shots.  

Bryannah & Gabriel-1191.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1185.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1204.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1211.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1216.jpg

Couples Session

Secluded from their guests, wedding party, and family, we were able to give them a little breathing room before entering into the reception hall. The Four Hills golf course has this fantastic pond near the sixth hole, its really secluded and perfect for a private couples session. Having the time to sneak off alone was something that Bryannah and Gabe had really wanted for their big day. Their timeline ended up being perfect for accommodating this plan.

outdoor wedding pictures
Bryannah & Gabriel-1230.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1226.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1240.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1268.jpg

Reception Details

Before any guest had entered the reception room, we snuck in and took pictures of all the reception details, from the wedding cake to the champagne flutes. We couldn't get enough of all the blue and purple details throughout the room. The wedding cake was gorgeous with blue and purple orchids cascading down the front. Their 4-tier cake was topped with a custom engraved glass heart. Their names and wedding date inscribed on the front and 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 beautifully etched on the back. This cake topper was really something special and unique. 

Photographic Perspectives 
custom wedding cake toppper
Bryannah & Gabriel-4012.jpg
wedding cake
Bryannah & Gabriel-3024.jpg

Wedding Reception

The grand entrance into the reception hall was a lot of fun, we loved watching each couple of their wedding party stroll in with style and pose in their own unique way. Its always such a fun and memorable part of the wedding reception.

Bryannah & Gabriel-1278.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1280.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1282.jpg
Bryannah & Gabriel-1333.jpg


There were so many special moments during Bryannah and Gabe's wedding and we really hoped that you enjoyed seeing them.   

More Wedding Info:

Wedding Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Canyon Club at Four Hills
Wedding Cake: Tullys Deli
Flowers: Flowers and Things

If you loved their wedding you're sure to love their engagement. We had an amazing time with Bryannah and Gabe at Sandia Peak for a scenic view of the city lights.  

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