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Albuquerque Senior Portrait Reviews



I had a great experience with Sandra and John Tafoya! They were very friendly, professional, and efficient! I also loved how my pictures came out and definitely recommend them! - Marisa


My pictures turned out great and they made the entire process super fun and easy! Highly recommend! - Sophia

John and Sandra’s professionalism and photography was top notch. We had such a great experience and the senior photos came out beautifully!! Well done! - Darren Beckett

Senior Portrait Session | Sophia -

Senior Photography | Corrales Senior Portrait | Photographic Perspectives


Outstanding experience, very friendly. Loved her photos and she makes sure to capture exactly what clients are looking for. She is open to any ideas and adds in great suggestions that produce amazing photos. It is easy to add your own personal touch to make photos truly unique to you. I had my senior portraits and graduation announcement cards done by her and love how they turned out. I had difficult decisions to make in choosing my final photos because they were all so artistic and unique. I have also seen her other work and know she is a skilled photographer. 


 I had my senior pictures taken with Photographic Perspectives. The environment was like no other and my pictures came out great. The hardest part was choosing which pictures to purchase because all of them were so creative and artistic.

Senior Photography | Photographic Perspectives | Albuquerque Photographers |Corrales Senior Portrait

Senior Photography | Albuquerque Photographers | Photographic Perspectives


I loved how you always asked my opinion and made everything fun in some kind of way! I really liked the scenes you picked out for the photo shoot and I think my favorite one is either between the barn door or the corn field! I also really liked how when we were looking over at the pictures you asked how I liked them instead of just focusing on the parents, not many photographers do that and I really appreciated it. I also like how you edited the photos so well! My main photo, no words can describe on how well you did that! It's so well edited and put together that it looks like a priceless photo, which it is to me!

I hope I can do more photo shoots like this one with you because you make everything so fun and focused it on everyone!


Sandra and John were very unique from other photographers. Sandra is not afraid to be critiqued and is open to new ideas as the photo shoot is underway. Thank you for a great session.

Senior Photography | Corrales Senior Portrait | Photographic Perspectives | Albuquerque Photographers