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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Approach on Photography

We start by getting to know you in a consultation session.  You can give us a call to set up an appointment. In your consultation you will get to see actual print enlargements and albums so you can see what the final results look like. We offer many amazing portrait and album options. Most importantly, we discuss what you want from your day.  Who will be with you?  When are you planning it?  Is there a special place you want to go?  Do you have any hobbies or something special you would like to include, like your car, a motor-cycle, a jacket, a special piece of jewelry?

We also discuss the timeline for your day and can offer suggestions on how best to coordinate things so that you can get the best photographs possible.  For example, do you like  bright daylight photos, colorful sunset photos, or studio portraits?  Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions to help you make the best decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What are your prices?

>>  We specialize in Wedding Photography, Wedding Video, High School Senior, Family Photography and Events.  We create custom packages depending on what you want.   So we like to have a consultation session, listen to your ideas, then develop something that suits your needs.  So, the price depends greatly on what you want.

For wedding photography our prices start at $2100, Video starts at $1000, Family sessions start at $250, and Seniors start at $150. 

Give us a call today, and we can setup a consultation meeting to talk about your vision and create your custom package!  We can also send your our guide to help you get started!


Who will be my photographer?

>> John & Sandra are the primary photographers, so it is usually one or both of us.  We have a team of professionals who do an outstanding job: Megan, Stephany, and Gabriella.   We are proud of our team and we guarantee you will get great portraits you will treasure!


Are you able to do indoor and outdoor photography?

>> As professional Albuquerque wedding photographers, we are faced with many different conditions.  We have the experience and knowledge to create the most beautiful portrait in any condition.  In our gallery you can see examples of Low Light Indoor settings, Back Lit Church Windows, Sunsets, Full Sun, and many others that we hope will give you the confidence that we have the ability to adapt to any condition.


Why do Professional Photographers charge what they do?

>> We based our prices on an hourly rate.  For each hour photographing, there is typically about 6 hours of time spent beyond taking the photos.  This includes, downloading the photos, culling, light balance, color balance, consultation before and after, printing or placing orders, packaging, and delivery.  Also, there are costs associated with a business: We have editors and other employees, professional cameras and lenses, computers, color calibrated computer monitors, advertising, taxes, and other costs associated with maintaining a business.  

While it is an investment to get professional photos taken, the end result is amazing portraits that you will treasure forever!


What type of equipment do you use?

>> We use only Professional Nikon cameras and lenses.  Using professional equipment makes a world of difference in the outcome of the photographs.  John's example is to go to a sporting goods store and look through some binoculars that cost less than $100, then try to look through a pair of Zeis binoculars, or others that cost more than $2000 and you will be able to see a big difference, especially if you can try them outside.


What should we wear for our session?

>> It's best for the group or couple to wear colors that are alike or at least complimentary.  Also, It's best not to wear colors that blend in with the background.  For example, if it's fall, and may not want to wear yellow or orange.  We want you to wear the style of clothes that you love and shows who you are!

We have some more tips on each of our pages to help you plan your session!  see:  Engagement session, Family page, or Senior page. Also, you will see several examples to get ideas by looking at our Blog, and galleries!  All the photos are Pin-able, so you can Pin your favorites on your Pinterest account.


Why do some photographers charge less or more?

>> Some photographers who are just starting their business may not have a high level of skill and/or experience, so they charge less money in order to gain that experience.  Also, some photographers do this as a side business, so it is more of a hobby and they are not truly professional wedding photographers.  Last, some photographers with really great work are in high demand, so these professionals may charge more than others.


Where should we take our photos?

>> We are located in Corrales and have a beautiful location at our home studio which has a great view of the Sandia mountains.  We also have several really nice locations nearby that we know including the Bosque, near the Rio Grande River which also has great view of the mountains.  If you want studio photos, we have a nice studio setup.  We have photographed in many areas around Albuquerque, NM and throughout the state, so we have several suggestions for great places to photograph.

Also, let us know your ideas!  We love to listen to your ideas and are always willing to try new locations!


Is it important for my photographer to have a retail studio?

>> Our images tell a story about your life and family, great memories can happen any place, why not make it a place that is meaningful to you and your story?  Now although we do not have a retail space, we do have 1,000 square feet of our home dedicated to our photography business.  We love welcoming our clients into our home, as we get to know our clients and they us, our relationship often turns into a friendship and our friend are always welcome in our home.