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Albuquerque Wedding Photography Information

Our Approach on Weddings

We start by getting to know you in a consultation session.  You can give us a call to set up an appointment. In our consultation you will get to see actual print enlargements and albums so that you can see what the final results look like. We offer many amazing portrait and album options. Most importantly, we discuss what you want from your day.  What places will you go? What times?  Do you want to go somewhere special for Bride&Groom only photographs?

Every package we have includes a complimentary engagement session.  This not only gives you the opportunity to go somewhere special to take some couple photographs, but it also lets us get to know each other so that you are most comfortable on your wedding day.

We also discuss the timeline for your day and can offer suggestions on how best to coordinate things so that you can get the best photographs possible.  We can also plan for what type of photographs do you want:  Bridal party, family, extended family, wedding preparation, reception, etc.. This will help to decide how much time you should budget.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Can I use our engagement session for something else?

>>  Yes, many times the bride decides that she would like to have a separate Bridal Session, or a Boudoir Session.  Sometimes couples decide to not have an engagement session, in which case we add an hour of coverage to the wedding day. 

What if I want more time on my package, or I want to change something on the package?

>> We are more than willing to customize your package to suit your needs.  The packages are set based on our experience of what most want, but we will work with you to give you exactly what you want.

Are you able to do indoor and outdoor photography?

>> As professional wedding photographers in Albuquerque NM, we are faced with many different conditions.  We have the experience and knowledge to create the most beautiful portrait in any condition.  In our gallery you can see examples of Low Light Indoor settings, Back Lit Church Windows, Sunsets, Full Sun, and many others that we hope will give you the confidence that we have the ability to adapt to any condition.

What type of equipment do you use?

>> We use only Professional Nikon cameras and lenses.  Using professional equipment makes a world of difference in the outcome of the photographs.  John's example is to go to a sporting goods store and look through some binoculars that cost < $100, then try to look through a pair of Zeis binoculars, or others that cost >$2000 and will be able to see a big difference, especially if you can try them outside.